Monday, September 29, 2014

Chickamauga Marathon Training Week 3

Monday: It was a Monday.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest

Tuesday: Runcommute home. It was hilly and I pushed the pace. Happy with how it went and I felt strong. Foam rolled and did living room yoga (lower legs and a series of seated poses).
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5.25 (8:22/mile pace)

Wednesday: Headed down to Lullwater and was greeted by a high school cross-country team. They were using the flat trail loop around the reservoir, so I opted for only the paved loop (I usually do a mix of both). It ended up being a pretty good hill workout and I was happy with the pace. Oh, and I got to wear sleeves.
Planned: 10 miles   Actual: 6 miles (9:02/mile pace)
Thursday: Wanted to take it easy because my other two runs this week were not. Kept it flat and the pace light.
Planned: 4 miles   Actual: 3.5 miles (8:48/mile pace)

Friday: This felt like the longest week ever. So glad it was finally Friday. Had the 'joy' of taking the Monster to the vet. Will eat Ramen for the rest of the month.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
54.2lbs of excitement. If she only knew we were headed to the vet.
Saturday: With an early soccer game to cheer for and team pictures, a morning run was not an option. Starting 20 around noon or late in the day just didn't sound exciting, so I decided to push the rush to Sunday. I did light yoga and foam rolled to get ready.
Planned: 20 miles Actual: Rest

Sunday: Headed out for a cool yet humid run (it was solidly drizzling the whole time). Early on I felt like I just didn't have that extra bounce from an energy perspective.  My legs felt great, but my stomach did not and I ended up making a pit-stop. I changed my goal and planned on getting at least half of the run in with the idea that I could always complete the rest on the treadmill. I was pretty bummed because it was a nice morning to run (quiet, little traffic, low hanging clouds). I ended up back at home at 11.5 miles and I am glad I did, because my energy was just zapped even though my legs were not. I showered, ate lunch, did the grocery shopping (about a 2.5 hour break total), and then headed down to the treadmill for another 6.5 miles. I still felt a little off stomach-wise, but my legs felt fine and I really wanted to get in the miles because I have been lacking longer runs lately. Ended up with 18 total. Sure it would have been better as one, but that wasn't happening today. Longest mileage day since the 50k!
Planned: 4 miles  Actual: 18 miles (11.5 @9:08/mile pace; 6.5 @8:49/mile pace)
 Still very green here in the south.
What a difference the weather makes. Not as pretty as Wednesday.
How was your week? Tell me stories of cool weather and changing leaves. I miss it.


  1. Great job hanging in there and getting the mileage in. It is hard to start a long run late in the day. It's still green here too, no changing colors...yet. Is Mia Monster okay? Vet bills can be scary $$$ been there lol

    1. Thanks Karen! Mia Monster is doing well. She had a UTI (always challenging since she doesn't speak English and can't go without me taking her out). She is already back to her spunky self.

  2. It's only a start, but I did see one red leaf on the ground while I was running this week. Now we just need it to cool down a little in TX. Looks like a sweet monster!

    1. You are ahead of us Tina! I bet there is some color change in north Georgia in the mountains, but now down in the city yet.

  3. Jealous of your sleeve wearing! We haven't had one of those days here on the coast yet!

    1. It was an exciting moment with the sleeves. Haven't worn them again since. Hopefully cool days are coming your way!

  4. Vets are so expensive but ........! It's gorgeous here. Enjoy fall and that pumpkin beer.

    1. They are, but we had to go and she is feeling better already.

  5. Yes. Why are pet bills like that? Very Ramen inducing.
    Since we don't have kids under our work insurance, and our pets are our kids, shouldn't our work insurance cover them as our children? Please...

  6. Sorry you weren't feeling well for your long run! You were a real champ for putting in those treadmill miles. Beautiful view for your Wednesday run! The leaves are really starting to pop here in Chicagoland. You can always come visit me if you want to see them. :) Vet bills are always rough. At least the companionship we get from our furbabies makes it worth paying.

  7. 2 comments in one...previous post- love the pumpkin beer taste off! I've been limiting my booze for this month and i'm missing it. and i hear ya, sooo ready for real fall. i swear, it's hot again.

    i'm so impressed you have the will power to go back and finish the run several hours later!!


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