Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five: Race Weekend

1. Nerves: They haven't really hit yet. Life has kept me busy the past few weeks (this is not a complaint) to the point I almost forgot it was race week until I checked the calendar. This is probably for the best because it's kept me from totally over thinking it. I'm sure they will make an appearance once I start to pull my gear together later tonight!

2. Pre-race warm-up? I ended up winning a bib for Espirt de She from Jen over at Hello Fitness we meet again. I first met Jen at last year's 26.2 with Donna and then again at the Georgia Publix Half in March. Though the race was only a mere 36 hours before the marathon (yes, a Thursday night race)I'd heard a lot about the series (look at all the smiling people in the photos) and figured it was a fun way to have a shake out run before the marathon. Oh and there were free cocktails at the finish line. Look forward to double race recaps next week!
The Atlanta skyline at dusk. Oh and me.
3. The Jayhawk: Will be running his very first half marathon! After a hamstring tweak in September, he has set no time goals for the race and is just looking to finish. He hopes to get in the first one under his belt so he can work on time for the next one possibly in the spring. I'm a little bummed I won't be able to greet him at the finish, but I am certain he will do great! I am very proud of all of his hard work!
The Jayhawk training hard.
4. Legs: My legs have felt off all week. I've tried to stay on top of stretching and rolling to alleviate the tightness in my calves and feet and it seems to be helping. I'm not sure if I got excited about the fall weather in Madison last week and pushed too hard or if it was from all the walking we did around the city, but it safe to say, I didn't taper as well as I should have. Life happens.

5. Goals: Another unknown for me (see #4 above). My training cycle wasn't as strong as I would have liked, but it was still fairly good. I keep reminding myself that I followed an abbreviated schedule coming off the Snakebite 50k, and it's really ok to not have major goals for this race. I got in a lot of miles, ran some solid pace workouts, and also had some moments of inconsistency. This will probably be a largely mental race where I need to remain calm and confident and not let the doubt of inconsistent training sneak in.
  1. Finish without injury or crapping my pants (always the first goal).
  2. Finish with a smile. We do this because it's fun and there no reason to be crabby after a long run in a beautiful location.
  3. Run the pace that feels right. I'm planning to run mostly on feel, and that worked pretty well when I tried it at the Hospital Hill Run.
My first attempt at racing on feel went well. Hopefully it won't be as rainy this time.

What are you up to this weekend? Ever done a double race weekend? What do you remember most about your first half (or race)?


  1. Good luck this weekend! Have fun!

  2. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!!! so excited for you!! my only double was the goofy challenge- i won't do that again. :) i can remember the pain of the first one post race- now it's no big deal- but that first one felt like I do after a marathon!

  3. lol..Any time you can finish without injury or crapping your pants is a win in my book. :) Good luck and I know you will do awesome as always.

  4. I am excited I get to read two recaps :) Congrats to your hubby! Hope the race was awesome.

  5. Have a great weekend.
    Just did a half Saturday, 5K Sunday. Boo that 5K was UGLY!!!


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