Monday, December 1, 2014

November Recap

Miles: 60.9 miles

Races: 2 (in 36 hours, way to spread out the joy over the month)

Highpoint: Ummm, I'd have to go with Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. It's one of my top running moments of the year!
 Goofy and awkward at the cannon.
Not so highpoint: It was a busy month in the non-running world. The Jayhawk left on a very long work trip, so I prioritized hanging out with him over logging lots of miles and I got a little behind on posting. I missed you all too.

Inspiration of the month: Not sure if you caught this video about Sally McRae's experience at Western States this year, but I love it. It's a little long, but worth every second. Really gives you an idea of the mind set of an amazing ultrarunner.

What I'm looking forward to in December: So many things. I'm jumping back into marathon training (more about that this week). I've also got a few challenges for myself to keep me out of trouble while the Jayhawk is away. Though I am not running the inaugural Jeff Galloway 13.1 here in Atlanta, 26.2 with DONNA is sponsoring a water stop.  If you are around Atlanta, would like to help out and hang out with me at 7am on a Sunday, drop me a note. Our spot is in the Highlands and it should be very pinktastic! :D

How was your November? What are you excited for in December?


  1. I always appreciate seeing bloggers/runners prioritize meaningful life things over running lots and lots of miles. I'm glad you got in time with him before his trip! It looks like you still managed to have a really solid running month. Thanks for sharing that Western States video, I can't wait to get a chance to watch it later.

    1. We are not pro athletes so I think it's silly not to prioritize family and work over running at times. Now if I get signed by a big company, the Jayhawk's on his own (kidding!).

  2. I like to see what Sally McRae's up to in running, too. Your 3:50 marathon would be the high point of my whole year!

    1. Thanks Tina! The video is really good.

  3. you marathon should be the high point!!!


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