Monday, February 23, 2015

RunDONNA Shake out Run

Last year I missed out on a few events during RunDONNA weekend, and this year I was determined to make up for that. One event in particular, the Friday Shake out run, I was really sad to miss and I was most looking forward to being apart of during this year. Starting last year, RunDONNA hosts a shake out run with all their special guests and it's open to everyone on a first come, first serve basis. That means you can spend your morning jogging with Joanie, enjoy a cup of Joe with Jeff Galloway, and contemplating qualifying times with Dave McGilvray. Not a bad way to kick off your weekend with an inspiring and motivating morning with a great group of talented people.
Runners and coffee. Always a good pairing. (Source)
In order to make it to our 8am run date on Friday, the Jayhawk and I packed up after work Thursday night arriving in Jacksonville in time to catch some shut eye. Of course we slept through the alarm and nearly missed the whole event, leading to some frantic running around that morning (this is also why I look like I just woke up in all the photos because I did). Thank goodness we still made it just in time.
Finishing up the run with the Jayhawk.

The Where

This year the shake out run was hosted by Lillie's Coffee bar in Neptune Beach, a great spot to refuel after a couple of fun miles. From there we ran through the beach communities of Neptune and Atlantic beach. A nice out and back 3 miler (or more for those who blew ahead at a very quick shake out speed, i.e. Joanie, Alana, and Donna's husband Tim), the run gave everyone a chance to run with different partners, learn about why they were there, and get some cool, crisp beach air. I ran with the Jayhawk and fellow Ambassador Melissa and her husband. Melissa is a two time breast cancer survivor who frequents 26.2 with DONNA with her family (they meet in the late miles and cross the finish line together). Her enthusiasm for running, and passion for the cause is downright infectious.

With Melissa, when we are all cleaned up. 
The Who

Alana Hadley: Alana is a 2:38 marathoner and winner of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November, striving for an Olympic A qualifier at 26.2 with DONNA (note: she dropped at mile 8 with an Achilles injury).  Oh, did I mention that she just turned 18 years old in January and is a high school senior?! Mature beyond her years, Alana logs ~110 miles a week while going to school and plans on attending UNC-Charlotte. She is coached by her dad (who joins her on runs on his bike) and is absolutely delightful to talk to. Impressive and inspiring, I am so excited to see what the future holds for Alana. I'll start her fangirl group.
Myself, Krissy, and Alana enjoying a post run snack.
Joan Benoit Samuelson: The first ever women's Olympic gold medalist, champion of both the Boston (2x) and Chicago marathons, incredibly down to earth human being, and proud Mainer, Joanie is an icon of women's running. Though it was a bit chilly by Florida standards on shake out morning, Joanie was just happy their was no snow.  I didn't chat with her long at the shake out run (I had the opportunity to sit down with her later in the day and will save that for another post), but one of my favorite moments was seeing her and Alana run together (an awesome sign for the future of US Women's distance running).
Coffee with one of my fellow Mainers (Almost photobomb by Dave McGillvry).
Jeff Galloway: Olympian and namesake for the Galloway Method, Jeff and his wife Barb are the cutest. No seriously, the cutest. We chatted for a few minutes at the run and then had dinner together on Saturday at the Mayo Dinner (Nothing like double dating with the Galloways on Valentine's Day). They both remain incredibly active through running trips and race appearances, and loves to see people begin to run and enjoy it. It's always fun to get a thumbs up from Jeff.
The Jayhawk, Jeff, and I bringing a little ATL to Jacksonville.
Dave Krupski: Winner of last year's DONNA 110, Dave was back to defend his title. The DONNA 110 starts Saturday morning and runs a loop course for 84 miles before taking a break (if time allows) before joining the 26.2 with DONNA start on Sunday morning, for a total of 110 miles. Dave not only won again, but also PR'd the 50 miler, ran a 3:28 marathon, and even stopped for a beer around mile 75. His recap is awesome (read it here) and I would be lying if I didn't say the 110 is on my bucket list.
Dave McGillvray, Dave Krupski, and Chris Twiggs (member of the DONNA board and Galloway team)
Dave McGillvray: Race director for the Boston Marathon and talent runner in his own right, I didn't get as much time as I hoped to talk to Dave (he doesn't think he is that much of a 'pull' and shied away from the crowd), but it is safe to say he is a solid runner. He not only runs the Boston Marathon every year after everyone finishes, but he also runs his age every year on his birthday. I dream of being this in shape when I am 40 (P.S. he is 60).

Donna: Yep, that Donna. Perhaps one of the most energetic and determined people I know, Donna's a 3 time cancer survivor and committed breast cancer advocate (her scientific knowledge of the disease is impressive). She not only is the face and name of the organization but incredibly approachable and available throughout the weekend. She is constantly greeting runners and chatting with survivors with a huge smile on her face.
Donna, a former evening anchor, interviewing with the morning show about the weekend while we pretend to be quiet (we were mildly successful).

Have you ever participate in a shake out or a meet-up at a race? Do you like meeting guests at race weekends?


  1. I was supposed to do a shake-out run when I went to Maine for the MDI Marathon, but we ended up being so tired we opted to sleep instead. That's awesome you got to meet so many cool runners. I think I would be too shy to talk to any of them!

    1. Oooh, I am so jealous that you have done MDI! I am originally from Maine and I want to run it so bad (just have trouble getting up there for it). What did you think of it?

  2. Looks like an awesome shake out.

  3. Ahh, so jealous! How awesome all of that must have been! So glad that you got to have that well-deserved experience. You earned it after all of that hard work that you did!

    1. Thank you so much Beth! It was really fun!

  4. What a great event and line up!
    I love your Galloway pic ") he really was incredibly friendly and genuine.
    110 miles is a huge goal, but i know if you want to do it, you are for sure strong enough. You inspire me all the time.

    1. I was laughing when I saw your Galloway pic! I think he even had on the same outfit! He is so sweet.

      Thank you Karen! :)

  5. that is a stacked meet up! i think my fav was the runners world race weekend. bart, shalane, the rw crew. hard to top.

    1. That does sound like a pretty killer lineup!


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