Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Snakebite 50k Training Week #7

Lucky number 7. I'm getting to that point in training where my shortest run for the week is 'only 5 miles'. It's a wierd mental place, but as I approach halfway through training, I'm in starting to get into the meat of the miles. Things went well this week with my first really long run in a while, lots of yoga, and settling back into a grove in life.

Monday: Continued with the second week of the yoga challenge. This challenged has really helped me identified some strengths and weaknesses (hips and groin!).
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
Tuesday: Inside on the mill.
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 6 miles (9:02/mile)
Wednesday: Took to the streets to explore some new to me areas in the new neighborhood including a really beautiful, old cemetery. I wasn't sure if I should run through at first, but it turns out it's a popular place for walking and running. It was pretty hilly, but a great spot to escape the streets.
Planned: 8 miles   Actual: 8.1 miles (9:08/mile)
Some fun street art in the new neighborhood.
Thursday: I won't lie. I was a little excited to 'only' have 5 miles. The mental shift has begun where 5 miles feels like a routine amount to knockout.
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (9:01/mile)
Friday: Fridays always make me happy.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
I was so happy it was Friday, I yoga'd in my jeans.
Saturday: Woke up to find 97% humidity and a chance of showers. Made the executive decision to flip-flop my weekend workouts, and joined in on an easy group run. Probably the best decision I've made in a while.
Planned: 18 miles  Actual: 5 miles (10:40/mile pace)
I was inspired by Jurassic Worlds during my long run.
Sunday: Perfect day for a long run. Little humidity and cool temps. It was the kind of day we hope for all summer. I ran a little faster than I should have, but I don't think I'll have long run weather like this for the rest of the summer. Spent the rest of the day outside building gardens.
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 16.25 miles (8:58/mile pace)
Yes, that is the Monster in the background chewing on a stick. She is the reigning queen of photobombs.
One of the big stories of the week was Western States 100 where Gunhild Swanson became the first 70+ yo woman finisher with only 6 seconds to spare. To make the story even more incredible, she had to run 7 min/mile pace on the track to do it. She was paced in by a multitude of friends, her pacers, and even the men's winner, Rob Krar. I highly recommend checking it out!

How was your week? Would you run in a cemetery?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snakebite 50k Training Week #6

After moving-palooza, I decided to ease back into training a bit this week (regular schedule, but incrementally increase back to full mileage). I felt a little tweaky after a week of reduced mileage (this often happens to me). As a bonus, it was 90+ here all week, so heat training got added back in with avengance. I also joined another yoga challenge on instagram and I'm having lots of fun trying new poses and getting my yoga on once again.

Monday: I've talked a bit about the Yeti Trail Runners group that I occassionally run with (they put on the Snakebite, many of them are involved in Troop Trot, etc). Last week Jason (head Yeti) was on Ultrarunner podcast talking about the Yeti races, his approach to running, and racing Western States this month. It's a great listen and will give you more insight into why I enjoy their events so much (yes, beer is discussed).
Planned: Rest    Actual: Yoga

Tuesday: Hot, Hot, Hot. I took my first spin around the new neighborhood after work and I came home looking like a tomato. It's been in the 90's all week in Atlanta, and it probably wasn't the best way to welcome myself back to running, but it does count for some solid heat training!
Planned: 6 miles    Actual: 3.1 miles (8:52/mile)

Wednesday: Back on the treadmill due to a heat and smog advisory. It was still really hot in the gym, but I got it done. I followed it up with strength training (core and hips) and 30 minutes of yoga at home.
Planned: 8 miles    Actual: 6 miles (9:09/mile); Core and hips;Yoga

Thursday: Felt more like I was getting back in the grove today. Stayed inside again due to the heat. I've started taking 1 mile walks with the Monster around the hood every morning and I am hoping to build it into a short run in the future (2ish miles).
Planned: 5 miles    Actual: 5.25 miles (9:06/mile)
Photobomb courtesy of the Monster.
Friday: YAY!
Planned: Rest    Actual: Rest

Saturday: Joined the Jayhawk for his long run and we checked out our new stomping grounds. We ran onto Electric Avenue. Then it took us higher (there was a hill). Not going to lie, it was a hot run. I dropped him off after 7+, refilled my bottle, and headed back out to finish my run. I went for the whole half marathon (is that an oxymoron?) to complete my Skirt Sports 13er Virtual race. I may even recap it.
Planned: 12 miles   Actual: 7.1 miles (11:07/mile); 6 miles (9:13/mile)
Sing it with me now...
Sunday: In addition to celebrating Father's Day, we kept busy with unpacking. All the boxes are gone and it feels good.
Planned: 8 miles    Actual: 30 minutes yoga; unpacking (strength training)

How was your week? Did you do anything special for Father's Day?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Snakebite Training Week #4+5

Sorry for the absence around here. We were moving (and I was moving at work just for extra fun) so internet access and time that didn't involve packing was hard to come by. Life is slowly getting back to normal as we figure out where we packed everything (has anyone seen the spoons?). Even though the last two weeks have been full of boxes and packaging tape, I did still manage to squeeze in some miles. Not as many as I hoped, but it's amazing how much moving can tire your legs out! Without further ado, here is a brief recap of weeks #4&5!
Week 4
Monday: Rest

National Running Day and National Donut Day in one week? Best. Week. Ever.
Tuesday: After feeling good through 3 weeks of base building, I started to add in just a little speed work.
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:48/mile)

Wednesday: Yet another year when I didn't run on National Running Day. I think I get good credit for the rest of the year. The Monster was unbelievably sick resulting in an emergency trip to the vet and attempts to clean dog vomit off the living carpet which was also filled with moving boxes (there's a good visual for you). It was like the Exorcist, but her head never spun around. It was a stressful and scary day, but thanks to modern medicine, she has been revived to her old self.
Planned: 8 miles  Actual: None

Thursday: I was still a bit tired from Monster's health fiasco, so I had no bounce during this run. I headed down to Lullwater Park and explored some new (to me) trails.
Planned: 5 miles   Actual:5.75 miles (9:19/mile)
Friday: Rest; Donut Repeats

Saturday: I met up with some friends down at Piedmont Park to get in some fun (and warm) miles. Summer has definitely arrived.
Planned: 10 miles  Actual: 10.25
Random runner photobomb.
Sunday: Met up with a different group for some recovery miles. I didn't wear my garmin, but the pace was nice and easy.
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 5.75 miles

Week 5:
Monday: We started to officially move, so of course you move the most important things first.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest
Tuesday: I didn't read my schedule and didn't realize it was the day my run shifted from 5 to 6 miles.
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 5 miles (9:02/mile)
Note: A box of bling is actually really heavy. #strengthtraining
Wednesday: All the packing and moving started to take it's toll. I just didn't have a lot of energy to give.
Planned: 8 miles  Actual: 4 miles (9:01/mile)
Trying to do yoga in a packing zone is challenging.
Thursday: Stayed late at work preparing for the move there. I love tape guns.
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: Rest

Friday: I knew I wasn't getting in any of my Saturday miles, so I got in a quick run to at least shake my legs out.
Planned: Rest  Actual: 3.5 (8:59/mile)

Saturday: Moving Day! And as luck would have it, the first 90+ day of the summer. It was hot, it was humid, but we got it done and are happy as could be.
Planned: 16 miles  Actual: Rest
Just a dog and her yard.
Sunday: I was surprised how much the move took out of me. I woke up exhausted and decided scratching my run wasn't the worst thing ever. We went out for donuts instead.
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: Rest

How was your week? Do you find moving exhausting?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Recap

Miles: 115.15, back in the triple digits!
Races: None

Highpoint of the Month: Lots of good things happened this month including a successful increase in mileage/start of 50k training, a long weekend or two of vacation, and finding a new place to live.
Not so highpoint of the month: Life got a little busy at the end of the month and I didn't get in all of my miles. I didn't miss so many that I am worried, but I need to work a little harder to fit everything in. Oh, and packing. Packing is never a highlight.

New item: Yoga challenge! I got involved in my first yoga challenge on instagram this month. I've been working on adding in more yoga to my routine but have been too nervous to go to a class, so this was my first public display of yoga. I had a lot of fun with it and can't wait to do another one.
Follow up: A follow up to my post from earlier this month about running blogs to read. Trail Runner Magazine recently posted their "10 Hilarious Trail-Running Bloggers You should be Following" and they are worth checking out.

If you need a good laugh: So this is completely not running related, but I came across this instagram account this week that I find hilarious. It sounds bizarre (ok, it is bizarre), but I can't help but laugh.
This guy, ChiliPhilly, takes the time to crochet hats in the shape of real life items, mostly food, and then photographs himself wearing them. I admire his commitment to the niche craft of foodie hat crocheting.
This might be one of my favorites. Source: Chiliphilly 
What I am looking forward to in June: No official races on the calendar but I was lucky enough to win a virtual entry into the Skirt Sports 13er from my DONNA co-ambassador Shannon over at The Girl's Got Sole. I am excited to pin on a bib and plan out a 13 mile route for the race.  We are also moving here in Atlanta and that is both exciting and exhausting all at once. Should be a great month.

What was the highlight of May for you? Did you try anything new?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Snakebite Training Week #3

Monday: Enjoyed a lovely Memorial Day relaxing at the pool and attending a cookout. Oh, and we got the house we wanted to rent, so my first impulse was to start an herb garden for the backyard. Now just to pack up everything we own.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Tuesday: Oh the rain. Tis the season for afternoon thunderstorms and today's was a real doozy. Treadmill miles for me!
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:58/mile); strength work
Wednesday: The forecast showed severe storms, so I headed in to the treadmill and the rain never came. Oh well. Only got in 7 before catching the carpool home.
Planned: 8 miles  Actual: 7 miles (9:07/mile); foam rolling
Feel free to share the Pass Them Like You Love Them graphics on social media!
Thursday: Another round of afternoon storms (noticing a theme?) I stuck inside and knocked out my miles without too much excitement. Today was also the launch of a social media campaign to promote better communication between cyclists and drivers. We have had several cyclists hit around Atlanta recently with several fatalities. I don't often ride in the city because of the traffic and narrow roads, but even as a runner I often have close calls with distracted drivers. Remember to look twice and always #PassThemLikeYouLoveThem.
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (9:04/mile)

Friday: I was ready for a rest day.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest
Beautiful day for a beer.
Saturday: A bit of a busy weekend and I flip-flopped my weekend workouts, partially because I was going to be out in the sun all afternoon at a craftbeer festival and didn't want to be too dehydrated before I went, and partially because I had more time for a run on Sunday.  So an easy 5 for the day. I met up with Amy (who you may remember from previous longruns) for the Georgia Craft Beer Festival. We had a great time and sampled beer from all over Georgia. Definitely worth sweating in the sun.
Planned: 12 miles  Actual: 5 miles (9:04/mile); Strength work
A list of all the breweries. We originally were going to keep track of the ones we liked, but there were just too many!
Sunday: Squeezed in some miles between packing, thunderstorms, and work. Phew. I need a weekend just to recover from the weekend. I'm counting all the packing and lifting of boxes as strength training for the next week or two!
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 9 miles (9:06/mile)

Not exactly the week I had hoped for, but I'm happy with it in terms of everything going on. I'm not having to much trouble hitting my workouts physically, it's been a scheduling thing this week.

How was your week? What tips or tricks do you use to get your workouts in when life is busy?
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