Monday, June 1, 2015

Snakebite Training Week #3

Monday: Enjoyed a lovely Memorial Day relaxing at the pool and attending a cookout. Oh, and we got the house we wanted to rent, so my first impulse was to start an herb garden for the backyard. Now just to pack up everything we own.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Tuesday: Oh the rain. Tis the season for afternoon thunderstorms and today's was a real doozy. Treadmill miles for me!
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:58/mile); strength work
Wednesday: The forecast showed severe storms, so I headed in to the treadmill and the rain never came. Oh well. Only got in 7 before catching the carpool home.
Planned: 8 miles  Actual: 7 miles (9:07/mile); foam rolling
Feel free to share the Pass Them Like You Love Them graphics on social media!
Thursday: Another round of afternoon storms (noticing a theme?) I stuck inside and knocked out my miles without too much excitement. Today was also the launch of a social media campaign to promote better communication between cyclists and drivers. We have had several cyclists hit around Atlanta recently with several fatalities. I don't often ride in the city because of the traffic and narrow roads, but even as a runner I often have close calls with distracted drivers. Remember to look twice and always #PassThemLikeYouLoveThem.
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (9:04/mile)

Friday: I was ready for a rest day.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest
Beautiful day for a beer.
Saturday: A bit of a busy weekend and I flip-flopped my weekend workouts, partially because I was going to be out in the sun all afternoon at a craftbeer festival and didn't want to be too dehydrated before I went, and partially because I had more time for a run on Sunday.  So an easy 5 for the day. I met up with Amy (who you may remember from previous longruns) for the Georgia Craft Beer Festival. We had a great time and sampled beer from all over Georgia. Definitely worth sweating in the sun.
Planned: 12 miles  Actual: 5 miles (9:04/mile); Strength work
A list of all the breweries. We originally were going to keep track of the ones we liked, but there were just too many!
Sunday: Squeezed in some miles between packing, thunderstorms, and work. Phew. I need a weekend just to recover from the weekend. I'm counting all the packing and lifting of boxes as strength training for the next week or two!
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 9 miles (9:06/mile)

Not exactly the week I had hoped for, but I'm happy with it in terms of everything going on. I'm not having to much trouble hitting my workouts physically, it's been a scheduling thing this week.

How was your week? What tips or tricks do you use to get your workouts in when life is busy?


  1. The Craft Beer Festival sounds awesome and the perfect thing to do on a hot summer day. When my life gets busy I like to wake up and get my workout in first thing in the morning because if I don't it will never get done!

    1. It was pretty awesome. So many options! I wish I was a better morning runner. I've tried several times, but it just hasn't worked out as a habit for me.

  2. Wow. So many thunderstorms. Yuck!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend (and alot of storms). I would love to set up a little herb garden on my fire escape.. is it easy to manage?

    1. It is really easy to manage at herb garden. They tend to grown well in pots and need little maintainence.


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