Monday, September 21, 2015

26.2 with DONNA 2016 Discount Code

Alright, who wants to join me on Valentine's Day and get all hot and sweaty? If we're lucky, the Jayhawk might even join in.
Currently undecided if I should redesign the heart for the full marathon.
Well, of course I am talking about 26.2 with DONNA which will be held on Valentine's Day in 2016! For the third year in a row, I am heading back down to Jacksonville for 26.2 with DONNA and I want you all to join me! And to entice you, I've got a coupon code to help you with registration. The code is good all the way through race day, but if you register before November 1st, you can save an extra $20 on either race!
Ambassador code is good for $5 off the half or full marathon.

What would you wear for a race on Valentine's Day? Anyone want to join me?


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