Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Five: I am...

1. I am an Ambassador! I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (if not, what are you waiting for?) you've realized that I'm returning to Jacksonville again in February as a 26.2 with DONNA Ambassador! I'm overjoyed to once again help spread the word about this awesome race and the amazing work they do for breast cancer research! Stay tuned for my discount code, a pinktastic October, and of course, Treats for Tatas will be returning for another year.
2. I am blogging (slowly)! Ok, ok, I know it totally took me forever to write that Snakebite 50k race recap and I still owe you another race recap and a 50k lessons learned post, but I wanted to encourage you to ask questions so I can include them in the lessons learned post. Curious about what I nibbled on throughout the race? Intrigued by what I could have possibly thought about during 6+ hours of running? Do I still have all 10 toenails? Ask away!
Yes, my shoes have finally dried out.
3. I am running again! I took 8 days off after Snakebite and did daily yoga sessions and slow dog walks/stumbles (someone did not appreciate my slowness). Given how the weeks leading up to the race went, I fully expected to be sore post race and my expectations were spot on! Thankfully I suffered no major injuries, but I was sore enough that I was walking down the stairs sideways. The Jayhawk was so compassionate that he spent that time lamenting moving into a one story house. I'm not training by any plan right now, but I'm easy running about 4 times per week (5ks during the week and joining the Jayhawk for his long run on the weekends). So far so good and I'll think about incorporating a plan next month.
Yes, I did yoga sessions without beverages, but join me on Thursdays for #HappyHourYoga on instagram!
4. I am enjoying life! Recovery is always a challenge as running normally takes up a chunk of my free time and energy, but I've been filling those time with extra date nights, quality time with my favorite furry beast (to make up for the slow walks), and attempts as relaxing (still not my best talent).
Beach time with my beasties. Raise your ear if you like the beach!
5. I am learning. I've recently learned that the Monster is a budding yoga connoisseur. Sure, I always knew she could rock both downward and upward dog, but I had no idea she could rock child's pose (or in this case puppy pose) for so long. So very long and in my way.
Step 1: Locate EB in mid yoga pose. Step 2: Hostile mat takeover.
This is an actual sequence in which she figured out I was was yoga-ing, took up residence on my mat, and refused to move for the remainder of the session. Note: I have pictures of the situation because in the absence of a mirror, I sometime set the self timer to make sure I am hitting my poses correctly. This time it happened to catch some Monster hijinx as well.
Step 3: Assume puppy pose and judge EB's attempts at downward dog. Novice.

What have you been doing lately? Let's catch up.


  1. Monster does a much better down dog than I. Seriously, what have I been doing with my life? I want to know about this tropical lager that I saw you post the other day on IG. Have you have 5 Lizards (by 5 Rabbits Brewing)? Best Mexican dinner accompaniment ever. Personal fave.

    1. That old fur bag is much better than me at most of my favorite activities: napping, speed eating, squirrel chasing. The Tropical Lager was good, but I would recommend Tropicalia out of Creature Comforts in Athens (keeping it in GA). Next time you are in town, I'll buy you one. Putting 5 Lizards on the list now....

  2. I am curious how the tootsies held up! 8 days off is a nice break, it's nice to have some "free time" I am sure Mia enjoyed the extra company :)
    Did you take music for your 6 hours of running? I would have died with no music lol

    1. All good questions Karen! Mia always enjoys extra attention. She is a bit of a furry brat about things like that. :)

  3. What did you eat and drink during your 50k? With only 2 AS in my next 55k, I need to have a good plan!

    1. Oh, that is not too many aid stations! I would think a pack would help so you can carry enough!


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