Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Greetings! Sorry for the radio silence the past week. I was up in Maine caring for a family member (they are recovering well) and rather than recapping that excitement (trust me, it's not that exciting), I figured I share a few scenes from Maine in the fall. The running weather was perfect and I crossed trained by stacking wood for winter. Here a few glimpses of Maine in all it's beauty. Enjoy.
A view of the lake. 
 My favorite ice bath.
Sporting my DONNA pride.
Sunny Sunday run. 
 The colors were just starting to come out.
Portland from the sky.
Have you ever been to Maine? Do you see fall colors where you live?


  1. Loved your pics and glad you got to return to your homeland :D

  2. Beautiful captures Elisabeth :) Maine is very pretty, i would love to visit one day, I bet the weather felt heavenly. I love seeing the pretty Fall colors breaking through.

    1. Thank you Karen! It is especially delightful in the fall. I highly recommend it. :)

  3. I absolutely loved Maine when I visited, and I hope I will be able to go back. I think the MDI course is still my favorite of all the marathons I've done.

    1. I haven't done MDI yet and I really want to! One of these years I'm going to have to schedule a visit around it. There really is nothing like New England in the Fall!


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