Wednesday, November 25, 2015

26.2 with DONNA Training Week 6

Monday: Started off the week with an easy 5 miler (yes, I misread my plan). My exercise app was so excited about it, that it logged my run 12 times. Yep, 60 miles in one day, all at the same pace. I'm a beast.
Planned: 4 easy Actual: 5 miles (9:22/mile) because reading is hard

Tuesday: I woke up a little tight. Nothing really to worry about or related to running. More a combination of too much sitting (I've been confined to my desk as work due to a small flood. 14k gallons is small, right?). I feel strongly that speed work shouldn't be done if the body doesn't feel ready, and my tightness was just enough to make me worry about potential injury. I went with a ladder workout to up the pace for the same amount of distance. Honestly, it felt nice to finally push the pace once again.
Planned: 12x400  Actual: 3.5 miles (9:01/mile)

Wednesday: Wednesday rest days are still weird. Made the most of it by doing some Tgiving food shopping. We love to cook and eat, so this holiday is completely in our wheelhouse. The fact that we only have 3 mouths to feed is completely irrelevant. Leftovers for all!
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Thursday: This was the first real check-in of the training cycle. 5 miles at race pace to really tell me if this pace was a legitimate race goal. I won't lie, after 4 weeks of easy running, I was a little worried about how well I could hit it. While I completely understand the idea behind the easy buildup, it doesn't do much for the confidence. The good news is that I hit the pace and felt good throughout the workout. A great confidence boost to get me excited for training.
Planned: 5 miles Tempo  Actual: 6 miles (5 miles at 8:34/mile)
Friday: In some ways, I miss my Friday rest day. Leaving work and being done for day was nice, but that said, the gym is so quiet on Fridays that it is slowly becoming my favorite thing. Like instead of lip-syncing, I could sing out loud along with my iPod and no one would care (or at least being close enough to be bothered). I have yet to torture my fellow gym goers in that way, but it's coming. Oh yes, it's coming.
Planned: Easy 4  Actual: 4 miles (9:23/mile)
Love. I had King of Pops at work (because it's totally professional to slurp on popsicles while talking to colleagues) this week and they were still totally on the brain.
Saturday: First solo easy run outside (I'd squeezed in group runs up to this point). I tried my hardest throughout the run to stick to the easy pace. I didn't completely succeed, but I am pretty happy with the effort. I toured several classic Atlanta neighborhoods and it was a great way to keep me entertained.
Planned: Easy 8   Actual: 8 miles
Oh, King of Pops, how I love thee. Inman, you are pretty solid too.
Sunday: I was tired, the Jayhawk got in a car accident (everyone is fine, thank heavens!), and I didn't get a run in. We went out for ice cream instead. It happens.
Planned: Easy 8  Actual: Rest
Ice cream related artwork. Swoon.
How was your week?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Training Recap: Back in the swing of things

I'm back! After 26 nights of travel in a little over a month, I have returned to the ATL and hopefully regular life. Major props to everyone that does it on a regular basis!  Time to get back to training!

Monday: Ug. Mondays.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Tuesday: I'm really trying hard to stick to the prescribed paces on my training plan (get ready for a complete failure of that as you scroll down this post). It does feel a little odd to have so many easy miles. The plan (more about it soon), brings you into training with a few weeks of easy before introducing speed and tempo workouts. I'm trusting in the plan. I'm trusting in the plan.
Planned: 4 miles easy pace  Actual: 3 miles (9:19/mile)

Wednesday: Another new item with the new plan is a midweek rest day. I've been running the same days for several years now, so it's a little odd to have the day off in the middle of the week.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Thursday: Headed over Big Peach Midtown to drop off some 26.2 with DONNA materials, join in on their costume run, and see this fun pirate. I was a little bummed to find that the number of costumes were limited, but the run was fun. A little faster than I had planned for an easy day, but it's typically a fast group.
Planned: 4 miles easy pace  Actual: 4.18 miles (8:40/mile)

Friday: Took the day off as a mini taper for Sunday. Having done no real prep for the race, I figured it was best to give myself a fighting chance by at least being a little rested.
Planned: 4 miles easy  Actual: Rest

Saturday: More travel. I swear, this is the last time for the month.  I guess that make sense because it is the last day of the month, but either way, I look forward to the end of my National Tour (or at least that is what I'm calling it) and spending some time in the ATL. The Monster has been quite unhappy with my absence.
Planned: 4 miles easy  Actual: Rest

Sunday: Once again I found myself out of town, but this time I was able to squeeze in a race! Knowing that I would need to get in a long run, I signed up for a half marathon on Tuesday. What better way to jump start marathon training? I love checking out new places on foot and race courses tend to show off towns. Full recap to come!
Planned: 5 miles easy   Actual: 13.1 miles (8:46/mile)

And if you need a chuckle...
A few months ago, I got the chance to write for the site I Love To Run (you know, the eBIBs folks), and as a thank you they created personalized avatars for us in the style of their eBIBs. I sent in a photo of me running and then they needed a clearer picture of my face, so I sent in this one.

I got an email with my avatar this week and low and behold, look who else got one.

Yep, the Monster has been immortalized.

How was your week? What news do you have to share?
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