Monday, March 7, 2016

SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt Giveaway and Review

I was recently approached by SLS3 to review their Dual Pocket Running belt. Being notoriously finicky about having too much extra stuff on long runs, I was worried to add another piece of gear but curious enough to give it a shot. Since I frequently run alone and often for long periods of time, there are several items I need to take with me for safety and emergencies, so having a secure and comfortable way to lug it all is very important to me.

Empty Dual Pocket Running belt in black. It comes in 4 colors: Black, pink, blue, and yellow.

The first thing I was impressed by before even taking it on a run, was how much this belt can really hold. Though it looks small when you pull it out the of the package, the pockets expand to hold everything I need (phone, keys, chapstick, ID, Beer, etc).
The pockets are water resistant. Source: SLS3
One of my favorite aspects of the Dual Pocket Running belt is just that: it has 2 individually zippered pockets. While I don't carry a crazy amount of stuff with me on the run, I like having the option of using one pocket for my emergency stuff (ID, cash, keys, i.e. the stuff I need to carry, but don't actually need to access while running) and using the other pocket for stuff I might want mid-run (chapstick, gels, etc). I 'm a bit of a clumsy lass and I like not having to worry that the vital stuff will fall out while I am accessing other stuff mid-stride. Additionally, both pockets are lined and the zippers are water resistant so it should stand up well to my sweatiness in the Atlanta heat!
Full of all the essentials.
I've used the belt on a variety of runs now (including my recent marathon) and it's become a standard piece of gear for me. I initially trialed it on days that were a little cooler and found that is stayed in place well between the layers of my outfit. As I started using it on warmer days, I was concerned it might shift around more on my bare skin (I like to wear it under my shirt) and cause chaffing, but that hasn't been the case so far. The Atlanta summer heat and humidity will be the final test for it.
I wore it on top of my shirt just for the photo. Phone in left pocket. Keys, etc in right. Unbrushed hair on top.
The belt portion of this run belt is wider than other belts I've tried and it helps it stay a little more stable. I do find that wearing the belt on my waist and not my hips helps prevent it from shifting around a lot. It also has two spots to adjust the size and I had no trouble getting a nice, snug fit.

Now here's the part you've all been waiting for. SLS3 is giving one lucky reader a Dual Pocket Running Belt of their own! Just enter through the Rafflecopter link below. SLS3 is also offering a 40% discount to their ENTIRE site to everyone with code BLOG40. In addition, check out their amazon store now where the Dual Pocket running belt is on sale for $16.90. If you are in the market for a running belt, it's a great deal.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I was given the Dual Pocket Running belt by SLS3 in return for a open and honest review. All thoughts/opinions/musings are my own.


  1. I like the fact that the pockets are lined. I always carry my phone in a baggy, but it makes it hard to take pictures. Maybe I could skip the baggy with this belt.

    1. I used to be a baggie girl too but have had no issue with my phone in this belt. It's much easier to get it out and use it.

  2. Did it bounce alot? I tried one years ago and no luck. My mom has something similar.

    1. It didn't. I've tried other belts in the past that bounced a lot. The pockets and longer on this one and the belt part is wider, so it stayed in place much better. That said, if I overloaded it, I'm sure it would bounce.

  3. It can hold a beer?! haha! Just what you need! Love the review, E.


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