Monday, March 21, 2016

Training Recap: Week of 3/13-3/20

Monday: I ran on the treadmill again. I've been trying to keep Mondays easy and the treadmill is the best way for me to get that done. It's boring and not fun on sunny days, but it helps log some easy miles. I will keep working on ways to take easy outside.
Actual: 3.1 miles (9:23/mile pace)
Celebrated Pi Day with a Chocolate Peanut butter creation.
Tuesday: Enjoyed spring with the sassy hound and then celebrated free cone day at Dairy Queen to benefit Children's Miracle Network. Win-win.
Actual: Rest (Dog walk and stretching)
Soft serve is the best. End of discussion.
Wednesday: Easy cycling night just to mix it up.
Actual: 25 minutes Cycling
Thursday: Another fun post work run in the sun. The biggest challenge was running by the local pub during their St. Paddy's Day celebration. The weather was great and the patio was packed. I was more than a little tempted to stop in a for a pint. But I held strong both times I ran by it. I am a pillar of strength. Instead, I finished my run and chased squirrels with this lass.
Actual: 3.4 miles (8:32/mile)

Friday: Finally went and got that pint. Yay Friday.
Actual: Rest; carb loading
Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin. Very good. I had a second one to be confident in that review.
Saturday: Headed down the Publix Georgia Marathon expo and met up with the We Run Social crowd for their meet-up. It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new friends as well. They had a crazy number of giveaways (I think everyone got something) and I won a new Mizuno zip hoodie which I love.
Actual: Expoing. Turns out I arrived at the way opposite end of the convention center and easily got in a few miles trying to get to the expo. Easily. I should have worn my garmin and brought fuel.
Yep, that's me towards the back on the right looking the wrong way. #NailedIt Credit: WeRunSocial
Sunday: As usual, I signed up for the Publix Georgia Half during last year's registration blitz. This was my 6th year running the half and every year it fits into my schedule a little differently. This year I decided it would be a nice first hard workout after recovery from the marathon. I took recovery really seriously (perhaps too seriously?) and I hadn't run anything over 7 miles at easy pace since the race. I had no idea what to expect from this one. My goal was to push as long as it felt good, shut it down if anything at all felt off, but overall I wanted to stay under 2 hours. I ended up breaking all the rules (forgot to eat lunch the day before, was on my feet all day, wore new clothes on race day, switched my race outfit less than two hours before the race, went out a wee bit fast, failed to get to the start in time to use the port-a-potty, etc). After all that, I PR'd the thing. I have no idea how that happened (though judging from this week recap, maybe I was still on a sugar high?). Full recap coming!
Actual:13.1 miles (8:04/mile)
Post race at the finish waiting for the Jayhawk.
How was your week? Have you every totally winged it on race day?


  1. Congrats on the PR! It was nice to finally meet you, after Mile 10 of the race!

    1. Congrats to you too! Thanks for running up and saying hi. It was fun to finally meet!

  2. Ha! I love that you broke all the rules and still PR'd the race!
    You had a good week.
    Chocolate and peanut butter are an absolute favorite combo of mine, I am sure I would have love the pie :)


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