Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Training Recap: Week of 3/7-3/13

Spring/early summer has arrived in Atlanta. Cue my annual heat freak out in which I question my biological ability to survive summer. In a month I will be dreaming of this weather and my heat freak out will continue as we head into the 90s.  Woe is me. Life as a displaced northerner is rough.

Monday: Stayed on the treadmill to keep the pace easy. I felt fine after Saturday's 5k and feel like I am finally getting a little spring back in my step.
Actual: 3.5 miles easy (9:24/mile)
Tuesday: I ran the first 3 with the Jayhawk and the wrapped it up with a couple on my own. The days are finally long enough that I can run when I get home from work.
Actual: 5.4 miles (8:56/mile)
Sun! I got to see the sun on a weekday!
Wednesday: The rest day has become grocery shopping day, which is great scheduling, except when I miss my afternoon snack and purchase half of the grocery store.
Actual: Rest
Thursday: I had to work for this one. Sure, I should have to work for this pace especially on the first near 80 degree of the year, but something tells me the dozen donut holes I ate in the office made it a little more challenging. They were just so lovely. 
Actual: 3.1 miles (8:15/mile)
I joined in on Sublimely Fit's free Yoga for Runners Challenge and it was a great help.
Here the Monster serves as yoga blocks during some post-run pyramid pose.
Friday: Is it just me or are the weeks getting longer? No really. They just seem to keep dragging on. I swear this one was 8 days long.
Actual: Rest
A Jack and Coke slushy is a thing of genius.
Saturday: Joined the Jayhawk for a hot and muggy 7 miler. The days of slowly getting out of bed for long runs are over. The heat is back and it wasted no time reminding us to adjust our pace on a hot day. Bah.
Actual: 7 miles
Sunday: Ah day light saving time. The original forecast had a day full of rain, so the sunny skies with light breeze was a great surprise. Spent the afternoon cleaning out the garden.
Actual: Rest and gardening

How was your week? Have you begun to see signs of spring or even summer?


  1. You freak out, I would be happy dancing. To each their own. There are some places here that do alcoholic slushees. I gotta remember where that is at...

    1. Girl. We were in the 80s yesterday. In March. In my office. There are only so many piece of clothing I can take off at work before it gets weird.

  2. A jack and coke slushie?!? That is amazing. It is SO hot here too! I'm already sunburnt. In March!

    1. The weather is crazy. Now it's back to the 30s here.

  3. I love alcoholic slushies! We need to get our freezer fixed, so I couldn't get any last summer, but I'm looking forward to them this season.


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