Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Up Next: The Incredible Virtual Run

I was recently contacted by Brad at Level Up Runs about joining in on their Incredible Virtual Run in April. At first I was hesitant having only participated in one virtual run ever, but a few things made this a perfect option for me in April.
1. The medal is awesome. Though I am not sure they have the best footwear on for running. Just a thought.

2. The distance is up to you. I am still recovering from the Publix Georgia Half Marathon, so I like having the flexibility to decide how far I want to run based on how I am feeling. And since the race is open for two weeks, I can also pick the day when I feel most ready.

3. Having a race on the calendar is motivating. I really like having a target on the calendar whether it be a structured training plan or goal race. Right now I'm in between training plans and races, so the Incredible Virtual Run is a perfect item to keep me on task.

4. Sometimes race fees can really add up. If I could, I would race all the time, but my running budget doesn't allow that. The Incredible Virtual Run is only $25 regardless of distance and in addition to the awesome medal, you get a $25 gift certificate to SLS3 (I recently reviewed one of their belts, but they also have armbands and compression socks). Do the math, folks. You are getting the medal for free and if you use the coupon code at the bottom of this post, you will actually be getting more than what you paid for!
5. Level Up Runs is a new company trying to pay it forward. Founded in December of 2015 by two brother runners, Level Up Runs has the goal of using a portion of their profits to support sports programs in schools once the company is off the ground. So far they have been great to work with and their goal of supporting children's athletics is one we can all get behind to encourage the next generation of runners.

Want to join me? Use code SAVE10 to save 10% on registration, but hurry! Registration ends on 4/15. Registration has been extended until 4/17!

To find out more about Level Up Runs and their upcoming races, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their Instagram to see medals from some of their previous virtual runs.

I was given free entry into the Incredible Virtual Run by Level Up Runs in return for a open and honest review. All thoughts/opinions/musings are my own.


  1. I am supposed to do this also, well I told Brad I would when I was feeling optimistic a few weeks ago lol I guess I could do a 5K and still participate.
    I do like the medal

    1. Join in Karen! Any distance over as many days as needed. I love the flexibility of their races.


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