Sunday, June 26, 2016

SLS3 Ankle Sleeves

After the fun that was the Publix Georgia Half Marathon, both the Jayhawk and I entered another round of recovery. It was pretty unexpected for me because I hadn't seen the race going nearly as well as it did, and the Jayhawk had planned some recovery given it was only his 3rd half marathon. As he began to ramp his miles back up in April, things didn't feel the same, and after a few uncomfortable runs and a doctor's visit, he learned he had posterior tibial tendinitis (a bum ankle).

Being a soft tissue injury, RICE, along with specific stretches, was the recommendation. R,I, and E were easy to accomplish, but he was having trouble getting good C on this specific spot on his ankle. A drug store compression sleeve provided some support and compression, but the thickness made it uncomfortable in some shoes, and the compression just wasn't the level he was looking for leading to some discomfort while cross training.

As chance would have it, during this time I was contacted by SLS3 to try out their Compression Ankle Sleeves. Though intended for plantar's fasciitis, it sounded like it could also be a great option for the Jayhawk's predicament, and given that I was the one who talked him into running the Publix Half, I felt a little guilty and was looking for anyway to help in his recovery. Posterior tibial tendinitis can lead to fallen arches and plantar's fasciitis, so I figure it could also help prevent thing from getting any worse.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what results he would get and if it would really be that different from his drug store option, but I figured at worst, it would give him another option since he was wearing the drug store ankle sleeve every single day (leading to laundry challenges). The good news is that they did really make a difference.

While the sleeves didn't cure the Jayhawk's injury (really nothing but time would do that), they really helped to alleviate the symptoms he was feeling and allowed him to be more comfortable while exercising and just performing everyday activities. The foot sleeves were thinner than the drug store option he had tried, which made them easier to fit in shoes and under socks. This allowed him to wear the shoes that felt most comfortable and continue with a strong regimen of cross training. Upon returning to the Doctor's in June, the Jayhawk was ahead of schedule on recovery and given the green light to begin run walking. If you are in need of ankle support and compression, the SLS3 Ankle sleeves were very helpful in allowing the Jayhawk to comfortably resume some activities and maintain fitness.
I was given free foot sleeves by SLS3 in return for a open and honest review. All thoughts/opinions/musings are my own.

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