Monday, June 20, 2016

Training Recap: 6/13-6/19

Monday: Legs felt tired after Sunday's long run, but nothing that had me worried. Kept the pace light to loosen them up.
Actual: 3.25 miles, easy pace
Tuesday: I'm working to get back on schedule with a few midweek 5 milers or longer. It's a process. Celebrated with a date night for hotdogs (yes, you read that right) at Doggy Dogg, a local joint with fabulous locally made dogs, buns, and fixins. We're super fancy like that.
Actual: 5 miles, easy pace

Wednesday: Trying to get back into regular training schedule, odd Wednesday rest day and all.
Actual: Rest day!

Thursday: My legs were feeling a little sluggish and stiff, and after doing the math, I realized I ran 20+ miles between Sunday and Tuesday. Since that isn't something I've done a lot of lately, I took an extra day off and got in some well needed yoga. I'm working hard to incorporate yoga more regularly because I am the least flexible person in Atlanta.
Actual: Yoga: 30 minutes legs, 15 minutes core
Together again. Gee it's good to be together again.
Friday: Long work week. Knocked out a few miles on the treadmill before heading home to relax for the weekend.
Actual: 3.25 miles easy pace
Saturday: Met up with a running group for a hilly 6 miles. It's been a while since I've been able to join because I was out of town so much the past month and it was great to see everyone. Mother Nature was kind enough to drop the temps into the 80s so it felt downright dreamy! I've been working a little extra on my calves lately (strengthen and flexibility) and added in some calf exercises after the run.
Actual: 6 miles easy pace
When at home, you work with what you have.
Sunday: I was tired. Focused on another solid round of yoga and I am already feeling more comfortable getting into poses.
Actual: Yoga! 30 minutes legs, 15 minutes core

How was your week? What are you currently training for?


  1. Nice job working on the strength and flexibility :) I am trying to work on my calves as well, trying to keep them loose.
    Nothing but everyday fitness for summer, no plans until Fall.

    1. Thanks Karen! Hoping I can make it a regular habit. :)


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