Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Training Recap 6/6-6/12

Monday: Finally back home after another weekend of travel. I've been out of town 4 out of the last 5 weekends as well as many days in between and it's nice to be home for a little bit again, but that also means catching up on a lot of things! I owe you all several race racaps! It's also nice to see this sassy face again, who awkwardly enough was described by the doggy boarding place as "a total cougar". I don't want to know.
Actual: Rest

Tuesday: Treadmill. Easy and breezy for my first run post Hospital Hill Run.
Actual: 3.1 miles

Wednesday: Headed outside for my first really hot one of the summer. I had major garmin malfunctions before my run (turns out you should plug it in periodically), so I ended up running without a watch.
Actual: 3.5 miles
It's been a bit sunny.

Thursday: Hitting the streets again for the second day in a row. The heat has really come on quickly this year
Actual: 3.5 miles

Friday: Back inside on the treadmill. It was even hot in the gym today and it's supposed to be even hotter this weekend (10 degrees over the usual average). bought a watermelon to help me survive then promptly remembered just how big a watermelon is, and have instituted Iron Chef watermelon at the house. All watermelon, all the time.
Actual: 5 miles

Saturday: Y'all, it's summer. It's really summer. Today topped out in the mid 90s. the kind of day when you sweat just sitting still. Spent sometime putting together my next training plan and I'm kind of excited!
Actual: Rest

Sunday: I decided to get my long run in by running down to the Hotlanta Half Marathon course and cheering on friends. I joined Jen for a mile or two of the race, hung out at the Atlanta Track Club cheer stop (complete with T-Rex), and then remembered it was mostly uphill home. It was hot and sweaty, but well worth the fun.
Actual: 12 miles

How was your week? Have summer temps reached you too?


  1. Nice! So what race are you training for?

    1. I'm thinking about the Silver Comet Half Marathon as a goal race. Lots of other good options around that time as a back up as well.


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