Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday 5

A few things to start out your weekend on the right note.
I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for a little Friday Five and Angela for High Five Friday.

1. This article on Lauren Fleshman. Not only is she an impressive runner and business woman, she is an inspirational human being. Go read it. I'll just wait.
She is fun and inspirational to follow on social media (source)

2. This podcast with Sally McRae. Another inspiring woman, Sally is an ultrarunner and all around fierce lady when it comes to training. This interview looks into the life and mind of a professional ultrarunner. It took place on the eve of Western States, a major goal race for Sally which didn't go as planned. Her very honest race recap is also worth a read.
Her instagram is very much worth a follow (source)
3. This article on what Tour de France riders eat. I love food, hill work outs, and endurance sports, so this article was right up my alley. I wonder if I could get a team vehicle to follow me around during my next marathon and hand me snacks?
Cancellara is one of my favorites on the tour. Source.
4. This write up on Betty Lindberg. A fellow member of the Atlanta Track Club, Betty recently set a world record at the age of 91. The Jayhawk and I ran into her on the Peachtree course (almost literally to be honest) and I saw her again last week at the 4 miler. She is pretty much the embodiment of #lifegoals. It's a great quick read.

5. This Song. Since it's Friday, I'll leave you with a bit of (completely unrunning related) whimsy.

What or who inspired you this week? Tell me one happy thing.


  1. I would fall straight off the bike if I attempted to eat and ride. I can barely lift my hands off the handlebars. If I ever did a major tri, I would definitely have to have a camelbak, and god help me if that straw fell out of my mouth.

  2. This is great ! I live in Paris and the Tour often goes through my town on the way to the finish line. I went last year in the pouring rain, no fun. Hoping tomorrow will be better weather....

  3. Huge fan of both Lauren Fleshman and Running on Om! Sally is so amazing, I first heard her on Trail Runner Nation and she keeps blowing me away. I've never been good at eating while training (I'm mostly a runner) so eating on the bike sounds funny. It's probably a lot easier than eating on the run though. Thanks for the links!

  4. I really should start listening to podcasts. There seems to be so many good ones! Have a good weekend!

  5. I saw the write up on Betty and loved it. There are a few ladies that do the summer series in the 75+ group and when they are called for awards I always think that is my goal. I want to be them when I am 75+.

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