Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Silver Comet Half Training Week #3

Y'all. This week. I don't know if my chi is off, or it's the phase of the moon, or what, but it just seemed like one thing after another. In the end, we are no worse for the wear and I got in all my miles, but it was eventful. So let's start at the beginning. It's a very good place to start.

Monday: Ah, Mondays. Mid-day I was feeling super flushed, my face was tingling and red. Come to find out, I was allergic to my new face moisturizer and it was essentially burning my skin. Spent the day looking like a tomato and sweating during my run didn't help. No exactly the burn I was hoping to feel after a work out.
Planned: Rest  Actual: 3.25 miles (9:15/mile)
Tuesday: The day itself was pretty uneventful and I ran at the gym while the Jayhawk biked. On the way home, we stopped to pick up the kid's new bike, only to find that it wouldn't fit in the car. After a lengthy shopping period, she had finally picked out a new cruiser over the weekend (a true test of everyone's patience), but when we went to get it, we realized a cruiser couldn't go on the bike rack (no top tube, awkward down tubes) and because the handle bars were so wide, we couldn't get it in the car. So I ended up riding it home 4 miles in rush hour traffic. The ride itself wouldn't be bad on my own bike, but this was a heavy cruiser with limited gears (thank heavens I talked her into the gears) on a hilly route. In addition, I am a solid 9-10 inches taller than the intended rider, so it was silly at best when I got out of the saddle on the hills. Definitely not something you would plan for a bike commute as there was very little maneuver ability in traffic. I sweated a 100x more than I did on my easy run. Luckily I caught the Jayhawk at a red light and he gave me a few sips of water (no water bottle holders on the cruiser). The bike and I made it home safely to the excited child. Adding this to my application for Step Mom of the year.
Planned: Easy 4  Actual: 4 miles (9:13/mile) and a 4 mile bike ride
Wednesday: Awoke to find my car had died. Almost went back in the house and stole the child's cruiser for a second ride, but the Jayhawk hadn't pulled out of the driveway yet and was able to shuttle me along to work. Sadly, it was the big-die-need-a-new-car kind because it is so old. We had already planned on replacing it in the next year. It was just a wee bit earlier than planned. Not stressful at all. Ug.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest
Thursday: An uneventful day in the homeland. No skin burning, harrowing rides through traffic, or major mechanical malfunctions.
Planned: Easy 4  Actual: 4 miles (9:14/mile)
Friday: Finally.
Planned: Easy 4  Actual: 4 miles (9:15/mile)
Pre-race with Kristen. Still a little red faced from that whole allergy thing (see Monday).
Saturday: The Decatur 4 miler! The Atlanta Track Club offers several no frills races during the year (chip timed, no t-shirt, bagels and Gatorade at the end). The races are free to members ($10 for non-members) and a great way to check in on fitness, get together with friends, and race! I met up with several friends and got in a nice hilly run through my usual terrain. For added fun, I ran home 3 miles to shake it out (the Jayhawk had dropped me off at the start, see car troubles above). The miles helped me get out all the excess energy before car shopping the rest of the day.
Planned: Easy 4  Actual: 7 miles (4@8:32/mile; 3@ 9:22/mile)
Post-race with Frank from Run50plus. (his photo)
I have no idea how he doesn't look sweaty and I look like I've been swimming. It was humid.
Sunday: The illusive triple workout day. Started the morning with a family walk with Jayhawk and the Monster. The Jayhawk is progressing nicely with his PT and he was encouraged to walk (he has been cycling heavily) more to prep his ankle for running. After I dropped those two off, I headed out for 4 easy miles to shake out the legs. To top it off, I went to a Pink Barre class my friend Amanda was hosting as a fundraiser for the NYC Marathon. I had never gone to a barre class before and I really enjoyed this class. It was specifically focused for runners and the instructor would point out how different movements and exercises would strengthen different aspects of the running stride (ex: pushing-off). I was surprised how tough the class was in a good way. It really emphasized to me some weaknesses and led to some tired muscles for the rest of the day. It was a great no-impact strength and cross training workout and I plan on trying it out again!
Planned: Easy 5  Actual: 4.15 miles (9:16/mile); 1.8 mile walk; Pink Barre for Runners
One member is a barefoot runner.
How was your week? Do you ever feel like whole weeks the world is off?


  1. That is a lot of action! I hate car issues like that, the big expenses always stink.
    You do get a SM award though, riding the cruiser in traffic- whew! All that, and you still had a great running week and got some really speedy miles done in the heat :-)

  2. Yikes, that is a pretty crazy week. Solid activities though. Props for the 4 mile bike ride, I would of made the kids ride it while I watched from the nice cold car lol

  3. I'm surprised that you think that I didn't look sweaty! In fact I was soaked from my hat to my shoes, as if I had run through the rinse cycle in a car wash. When I got home, I had to dry out the shoes by stuffing the inside with paper towels.
    Sorry about the car, but hope you have an opportunity to get something that you will really like.


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