Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Silver Comet Half Training Week #9

Monday: Easy miles tend to be some of the harder miles mentally on this program. With speed and tempo workouts, you always have something to focus on (the next repeat or keeping good form), but easy miles don't provide a challenge physically (as by design). I find they become important not just for getting your body used to higher mileage, but also in training your brain to stay calm and be patient.
Planned: 5 miles Easy Actual: 5 miles (9:15/mile)
Tuesday: When training for 26.2 with DONNA last winter, I really enjoyed the longer speed and strength repeat workouts, so I was excited to have 1k repeats on tap for today.
Planned: 5x1k Actual: 5.75 miles (4x1k @ 7:53/mile, 1k @7:47/mile)
What? Sometimes I need a post-it during speed work.

Wednesday: This made me giggle.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest!

A photo posted by Late Show with Stephen Colbert (@colbertlateshow) on
Thursday: It didn't feel as comfortable as I hoped, but I got it done. Trying to keep the overall goal in mind.
Planned: 4 miles Tempo  Actual: 6 miles (4@8:13/mile)
Friday: What's more mentally challenging than easy miles on the treadmill on a Monday? Easy miles on the treadmill on a Friday afterwork at the work gym. I was bored, but I thought about how we were having homemade pizza for dinner.
Planned: 6 miles Easy Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Hot off the grill.
Saturday: It was humid, but the joy of running outside made it worth it.
Planned: 5 miles Easy  Actual: 6 miles (9:01/mile)

Sunday: Didn't have a lot of bounce in the legs today, so I decided to incorporate more hills. That makes sense, right?  It turned out to be a nice run where I worked hard on the hills and kept a pretty consistent tempo throughout. It felt good to get in a long effort.
Planned: 10 miles long run Actual: 10 miles (9:30/mile)
Monster was getting in her squirrel repeats.
How was your week? Do you enjoy easy runs or find them challenging?


  1. haha! I love your legs pic - I have felt that way many times this summer. You are getting speedier! The speed work is looking great.
    I truly have found a second gear this summer, my heart monitor tells the truth, but honestly is has been so hot and humid this summer I don't think I could have managed much else. Last week was the first time all summer I have done anything to pick up the pace, I admit I am getting ancy because all I have done is run easy. I think I will enjoy the easy ones more when I can mix up my workouts :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I completely understand. I get antsy with easy workouts. I need a little challenge in there to mix it up. The heat has been challenging but not in a fun way!

  2. I want pizza now. and I laughed out loud with the legs.
    The past few days have been blissful here, and it feels so easy to run. Now look at race day being a cluster.

    1. I dream of fall weather! You are so lucky!


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