Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday 5: 5 favorites from the week

It's time for some Friday fun.

Self exams and early detection are key!
1. Buy a T-shirt. This year as part of my fundraising, I've designed and am selling t-shirts to promote self exams and early detection (yep, that's it above). If you would like to support the campaign and purchase a t-shirt, please go here. 100% of proceeds from sales will go directly to the foundation. The campaign goes through October 7th, 2016, so don't delay! If t-shirts aren't your thing, you can donate directly to the foundation. Instead of receiving a snappy t-shirt, you will get a big boost to your karma. As always, all proceeds will do directly to 26.2 with DONNA to fund research and help with critical patient needs.
2. Yoga with goats. Apparently now there are retreats you can go on where you do yoga with goats. As cute as that sounds, I'm not sure how relaxed I would be if one pooped on my mat in the middle of my downward dogging. This would be a yoga session filled with giggles and distractions.

3. The Appalachian Trail record. I'm sure you've all heard that Scott Jurek's Appalachian Trail record has already been broken. In addition to the impressive time Karl Meltzer threw down, I love that Jurek was on hand to help pace him through it. The trail running community is really that great. Also, for amusement, check out what Karl ate while accomplishing it. Safe to say he and Scott have very different diets!
4. Scientists are ultrarunners. I found this article amusing on the numbers of 'hard core' scientists in ultrarunning. I'm not a physicist, but yes, scientists are used to being patient and working hard at something for little or no reward (experiments don't always go as planned and there is a lot of repeating).
5. Birthday wishes. The Jayhawk and I have decided we want this for our yard for our annual birthdaypalooza. Not sure we will actually get it and to be honest, I'm not sure our yard it even big enough to hold it, but a girl can dream.
Yes, that is an inflatable Irish Pub you can get for your yard. (source)
Learn anything fun this week? What was your favorite article from the week?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Silver Comet Half Training Week #12

Monday: Feeling back to my normal self this week. As hard as it is to take time off or lighten the mileage during the meat of a training cycle, it was the right move. It was reassuring to have a few days of easy miles help restore my range of motion while still getting to get my sweat on a bit. It really kept the angst at bay and I'm sure the Jayhawk appreciated it.
Planned: Easy 5 miles   Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Tuesday: First strength workout of the cycle since I missed last week's and it was a good one! During my last marathon training cycle, I found that these longer speed workouts (or strength workouts as Hansons calls them) really were incredibly beneficial. Not only did I get the physical benefit of the longer repeats, but mentally it did a lot to challenge myself about what paces I thought were possible.
Planned: 4x1.5 miles   Actual: 8 miles (4x1.5 @ 8:00/mile)
I had a NUUN disaster in my gym bag.
Shout out to the awesome folks at NUUN for reaching out to me with condolences.
Wednesday: I was noticeably overtired Tuesday night after my strength workout (read: I got absolutely nothing done unless you count keeping the couch company), so it was nice to follow it up with a rest day and little extra time for life stuff.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest and light yoga
Yeah, I just sit around the living room like this.
Thursday: This workout went well and I even felt like I had some bounce left in my legs at the end. Definitely not tapped out. It's possible that it was all because I was extra motivated to get to Free Queso day at Moe's. It had only been on my calendar for weeks.
Planned: Tempo 5 miles   Actual: 7 miles (5@8:13/mile)
Isn't it beautiful?!
Friday: Oh, Friday! Good to see you again.
Planned: Easy 5 miles   Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Saturday: When we left the house for our morning runs (separately of course, we know what works best for us), the Jayhawk and I were greeted with not oppressive heat! I dare not use the word cool, but I will say there was a small break in the humidity and boy did that make a difference in my run (see pace below). Fall, don't tease me. I'm ready to go steady with you.
Planned: Easy 6 miles   Actual: 6 miles (8:39/mile)
Monkey time. Let's just say my pull-up count is a bit embarrassing.
Sunday: Tagged along with the Jayhawk as he headed out to Silver Comet Trail for his long bike ride to get in some miles on the course (it's the location of my upcoming half). It was a humid one as the clouds were rolling in, but hopefully things cool down a bit before race day. The Jayhawk's goal was to ride for 2-2.5 hours, so I knew I'd have some bonus time. Didn't run the extra point one because you don't need to run the full distance in training, right? The Jayhawk got in 30 miles on the bike and we returned home to make a nice big brunch as the rain rolled in. Timing is key.
Planned: Long run 12 miles   Actual: 13 miles (8:52/mile)
The Jayhawk in action. It's no wonder I keep him around. For the record, I made coffee.

How was your week? Do you ever team up with your spouse/roommate/random stranger to get workouts in?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Silver Comet Half Training Week #11

Monday: My left calf and hamstring were feeling better after a day of rest, but I still had a lot of tightness in my foot after Saturday's misstep (I stepped down hard on uneven sidewalk mid-run). Decided one more day of rest wouldn't kill me and stuck to yoga for the day.
Planned: Easy 5 miles Actual: Light yoga
Tuesday: Was sad to miss the first strength workout of the training cycle as they were my favorites during last marathon training, but I wanted to give the foot/ankle a few easy miles before challenging it.
Planned: 6x1 mile  Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Loving the new lawn art in our area.
Wednesday: Felt a little residual tightness in my foot after Tuesday's run. Nothing that concerned me too much, but definitely something to keep an eye on before it progresses.
Planned: Rest Actual: Rest
Thursday: Shifted workouts around to have one more day of easy miles. While the foot/ankle are feeling much better, I did still have some tightness after Tuesday's workout and would like to see less before starting speed and pace workouts again.
Planned: 5 miles Tempo  Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Thanks for reminding me I need a shower, Monster. Real subtle.
Friday: Decided to give a pace work a try. My foot/ankle were feeling a lot better with only some stiffness while running. Didn't really effect me at all during the run and post run I didn't see any issues. A few rest days seem to have done the trick!
Planned: Easy 6 miles  Actual:7 miles (5@8:13/mile)
Matchy matchy for the second time in a week. Not sure what's up with that.
Saturday: Woke up feeling good and made up some easy miles. Still feeling a little tightness going uphill, but that make sense given how the injury came about.
Planned: Easy 5 miles  Actual: 6 miles (9:14/mile)
Sunday: A surprise family visit threw my day off a bit, but I managed to squeeze in a workout later that evening (in some impressive humidity). Ran (quite literally) into the Jayhawk at the end of my run and we finished the last 0.5 mile together.
Planned: 10 miles long run  Actual: 5.5 miles (9:11/mile)
Awesome new tiny library in our neighborhood.
All and all a little less mileage than I hoped for the week, but I am proud of myself for actually respecting my body and not just trying to run through the tightness I was feeling. It's never enjoyable to skip workouts, especially ones of importance, but I try to remind myself of my bigger goals.

How was your week? Do you ever take time off for tightness or soreness?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Silver Comet Half Training Week #10

Monday: Didn't feel too boring today. Had lots of things to think about and the time passed fairly quickly.
Planned: Easy 6 miles  Actual: 6 miles (9:14/mile)
Tuesday: Did I mention that I like the longer speed repeats? This was technically the last speed workout as next week it shifts to strength workouts (repeats all 1 mile or more with total at pace distance around 6 miles). I've enjoyed speed work this round and am happy to report that I seem to have come out of it uninjured. I definitely took a conservative approach to pace, but my goal was to complete all the workouts as in the past I've stopped speed work due to hitches and tightness. It was confidence building and I am ready to be a little more aggressive next time.
Planned: 4x1200   Actual: 5.75 miles (4x1200 @7:53/mile)
Wednesday: And rest I did.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
Thursday: Ah, tempo day. The pace felt a lot more comfortable this week which can only mean that next week this workout probably gets changed up. I enjoy that aspect of this plan. Every time I get comfortable or use to a part of it, it changes it up to keep it interesting. Great for my workout ADD.
Planned: 4 miles Tempo   Actual: 6 miles (4 @8:13/mile)

Friday: Finally.
Planned: Easy 5 miles   Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)

Saturday: Switch up Saturday and Sunday workouts so the Jayhawk and I could have our long efforts on the same day. To be honest, I knew this one was going to be a struggle from the start. I was feeling sluggish having run Friday's run about 14 hours early and it was a day where I never really hit my stride. On top of that, I took a funny step at one point where the sidewalk was uneven (my toes landed on a square significantly higher than the rest of my foot) leading to noticeable discomfort in my ankle and Achilles. I didn't think too much of it at the time, but it was causing tightness by the next day. The Jayhawk and I enjoyed an afternoon at Creature Comforts Brewery and there was almost a hint of fall in the air.
Planned: Easy 5 miles   Actual: 10 miles (9:24/mile)
Sunday: Woke to find tightness all up my left side (foot, calf, and hamstring). Decided one day off wouldn't kill me. Got in a bit of yard work for exercise.
Planned: 12 miles Long run  Actual: Rest

How was your week? Did you do anything fun for the long weekend?
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