Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday 5: 5 favorites from the week

It's time for some Friday fun.

Self exams and early detection are key!
1. Buy a T-shirt. This year as part of my fundraising, I've designed and am selling t-shirts to promote self exams and early detection (yep, that's it above). If you would like to support the campaign and purchase a t-shirt, please go here. 100% of proceeds from sales will go directly to the foundation. The campaign goes through October 7th, 2016, so don't delay! If t-shirts aren't your thing, you can donate directly to the foundation. Instead of receiving a snappy t-shirt, you will get a big boost to your karma. As always, all proceeds will do directly to 26.2 with DONNA to fund research and help with critical patient needs.
2. Yoga with goats. Apparently now there are retreats you can go on where you do yoga with goats. As cute as that sounds, I'm not sure how relaxed I would be if one pooped on my mat in the middle of my downward dogging. This would be a yoga session filled with giggles and distractions.

3. The Appalachian Trail record. I'm sure you've all heard that Scott Jurek's Appalachian Trail record has already been broken. In addition to the impressive time Karl Meltzer threw down, I love that Jurek was on hand to help pace him through it. The trail running community is really that great. Also, for amusement, check out what Karl ate while accomplishing it. Safe to say he and Scott have very different diets!
4. Scientists are ultrarunners. I found this article amusing on the numbers of 'hard core' scientists in ultrarunning. I'm not a physicist, but yes, scientists are used to being patient and working hard at something for little or no reward (experiments don't always go as planned and there is a lot of repeating).
5. Birthday wishes. The Jayhawk and I have decided we want this for our yard for our annual birthdaypalooza. Not sure we will actually get it and to be honest, I'm not sure our yard it even big enough to hold it, but a girl can dream.
Yes, that is an inflatable Irish Pub you can get for your yard. (source)
Learn anything fun this week? What was your favorite article from the week?


  1. Goats are so cute though!! and so bouncy LOL I love a baby goat.
    The AT record is amazing!
    I love the pub idea - that is too fun lol

  2. If you get that for the Birthday Palooza... I might just have to come. I'll bring a puppy (not a goat, but just as much of a nuisance)

  3. That shirt is cute... oh my word yoga with goats, no thank you haha.

  4. Love the shirt!!! And yoga with goats might be a bit too out there for me LOL


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