Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Silver Comet Half Training Week #12

Monday: Feeling back to my normal self this week. As hard as it is to take time off or lighten the mileage during the meat of a training cycle, it was the right move. It was reassuring to have a few days of easy miles help restore my range of motion while still getting to get my sweat on a bit. It really kept the angst at bay and I'm sure the Jayhawk appreciated it.
Planned: Easy 5 miles   Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Tuesday: First strength workout of the cycle since I missed last week's and it was a good one! During my last marathon training cycle, I found that these longer speed workouts (or strength workouts as Hansons calls them) really were incredibly beneficial. Not only did I get the physical benefit of the longer repeats, but mentally it did a lot to challenge myself about what paces I thought were possible.
Planned: 4x1.5 miles   Actual: 8 miles (4x1.5 @ 8:00/mile)
I had a NUUN disaster in my gym bag.
Shout out to the awesome folks at NUUN for reaching out to me with condolences.
Wednesday: I was noticeably overtired Tuesday night after my strength workout (read: I got absolutely nothing done unless you count keeping the couch company), so it was nice to follow it up with a rest day and little extra time for life stuff.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest and light yoga
Yeah, I just sit around the living room like this.
Thursday: This workout went well and I even felt like I had some bounce left in my legs at the end. Definitely not tapped out. It's possible that it was all because I was extra motivated to get to Free Queso day at Moe's. It had only been on my calendar for weeks.
Planned: Tempo 5 miles   Actual: 7 miles (5@8:13/mile)
Isn't it beautiful?!
Friday: Oh, Friday! Good to see you again.
Planned: Easy 5 miles   Actual: 5 miles (9:14/mile)
Saturday: When we left the house for our morning runs (separately of course, we know what works best for us), the Jayhawk and I were greeted with not oppressive heat! I dare not use the word cool, but I will say there was a small break in the humidity and boy did that make a difference in my run (see pace below). Fall, don't tease me. I'm ready to go steady with you.
Planned: Easy 6 miles   Actual: 6 miles (8:39/mile)
Monkey time. Let's just say my pull-up count is a bit embarrassing.
Sunday: Tagged along with the Jayhawk as he headed out to Silver Comet Trail for his long bike ride to get in some miles on the course (it's the location of my upcoming half). It was a humid one as the clouds were rolling in, but hopefully things cool down a bit before race day. The Jayhawk's goal was to ride for 2-2.5 hours, so I knew I'd have some bonus time. Didn't run the extra point one because you don't need to run the full distance in training, right? The Jayhawk got in 30 miles on the bike and we returned home to make a nice big brunch as the rain rolled in. Timing is key.
Planned: Long run 12 miles   Actual: 13 miles (8:52/mile)
The Jayhawk in action. It's no wonder I keep him around. For the record, I made coffee.

How was your week? Do you ever team up with your spouse/roommate/random stranger to get workouts in?


  1. So very ready for the humidity to GO AWAY!!

  2. You had a pretty speedy long run :) It is nice to you head at the same time, even if you go separate at least you will have your down time together. My hubby has not been feeling very motivated to go to the gym with me lately, but I am trying to get two days a week in for now and edge the number the # up slowly lol
    I had one run below 70 degrees and it was the nicest day! I wish the temp would break just a little.


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