Friday, December 2, 2016

A Challenge for December

A classic practice that I fall into is that I often only run. I get in my daily mileage and that's it. I let myself off with the mentality of "well, I already put in X amount of time running. That should do it." I run often enough and tend to keep my mileage in a range that this method leaves me relatively 'fit', but probably not well balanced in terms of strength and flexibility, which are important for both injury prevention and achieving new goals.

So, in the spirit of running streaks that often go throughout the holidays, I've challenged myself to a cross training streak for the month of December. I've tried run streaks before and they really aren't my thing more because I need a day off from running though not necessarily a day off from being active. Also, I don't really need that much help getting myself out the door for a run, but I do need help conning shaming encouraging myself to cross train.
The goal of my month of cross training is to build a better base as I am building up my mileage, and maybe, just maybe, have one of these activities start to stick or become a habit. I've put together a calendar of activities and some of them are fairly small (high chance of success) while others will require a little more effort and planning. I've taken into account any travel I have planned for the month as to make those days achievable while on the road, and I've made some of the items quick activities to prove to myself that there is no excuse for not trying to work them into even the busiest of days. Also, I gave a bunch of the workouts nicknames to make it way funner.
I don't know about you, but when I need a good basic stretching plan,
 I always look to the Fencers.
I threw in the option of a weekly class. I've started trying out new things and I want to continue that. And by started I mean I went to two different exercise classes in the past 5 months, a 200% increase over previous efforts. Due to scheduling, classes can be flip flopped with another day if need be. I pulled a few basic plans to help guide me through stretching, yoga, foam rolling, and core workouts mainly so I focus and don't just sit around googling ideas last second.
So many options! And I was amused that she looks like she is in jeans.
If anyone wants to join me, please do! A challenge is always more fun with friends.
How often do you cross train? What is your favorite form of cross training?


  1. Cross training, yeah I don't do that lol. I enjoy running and loathe strength training. Easy decision for me.

  2. I love the whole only running thing. The problem is that I'm a personal trainer and supposed to do other things. Mostly, I just get other people to do those things.


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