Monday, May 1, 2017

April Recap

Miles: 132.16
Races: None! I actually haven't run a race since 26.2 with DONNA weekend. I hope I remember how to use safety pins.

High point: We took a break. At some point in the last month or two, the Jayhawk and I realized that we hadn't taken more than a long weekend off from work in almost a year (which probably gives you an indication why I've been a little absent around here). We headed up to Asheville and stayed on a quiet mountain outside of town with barely any cell phone reception. We mostly ate and slept. It was blissful. Also, I ate one of the best donuts of my life while we were there. They make them to order right in front of you.

Not so High point: Summer seemed to arrive early this year in Atlanta which led to a lot of hot marathon training. I keep trying to remind myself that I'm just getting a jump start on my heat training for Snakebite 50k in August.

What's up next month: I'm running the Sugarloaf Marathon! Of course I am quite excited for race day, but also a bit baffled as far as what to expect time wise. With so many warm training runs, speed has been a little harder to come by. There is a fairly solid chance that race day temps will be significantly cooler than training temps (~ 30 degrees or so at start time), so it might be a bit of a surprise as far as what happens. I'll recap training a bit more in depth soon.

How was your April? What was a highlight?
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